Add to resume: “Street Arcade Docent”

If we build a 2-block long immersive street arcade in the middle of a busy city, will people play?  OH HECK YEAH!

Studies continually show that play of any kind makes us more creative, curious and happy. It even contributes to helping build trust between strangers. By infusing play into public space, we hoped to build a community that is more creative and connected. And also – gaming on HUGE LED screens, w00t!

OhHeckYeah: This Is How We Do It from OhHeckYeah on Vimeo.

Yes, that is me in the back, usually running games or tethering balloons and assembling tents. Who knew my jealousy of Boy Scouts and the subsequent chip on my shoulder about knowing knots would be a beneficial talent later on?! Not my un-amused Girl Scout leader, I can tell you that.

But my favorite part of being a docent all summer was staying up late on beautiful summer nights introducing people to gesture-based gaming and the instant rapport that comes from gaming with other people.

“Player One, meet Player Two. Player Two – Player One. OK, ready? …GO!” and then there was giggling and hugs and cheering and high fives and a shared ethos of joy and fun between two no-longer-strangers.

Ah man, it did my heart good.

Thanks to my daughter Madrid for docenting with me, and to ‘creative strategist’ Brian Corrigan and the team – well done, everyone. Game On!

PS NPR’s short mention – Denver Street Arcade Attracts Gamers Of All Ages